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Neoprintcompany has become the first supplies of ticket forms for automated ticket-selling systems in the Russian Federation. Since the very beginning ofour activitiesNeoprint has been an indisputable leading supplies of thermal-carton tickets and printers for sport, culture andentertainment organizations.

Unlike other printing house supplying thermal-carton tickets, we offer out customers a comprehensive ticket printing solution including technical support for the “ticket-printer” systems. Our 10-year experience ensures quick and efficient handling of issues and problems related to activities of our customers’ ticket-offices.

Besides,Neoprintcompany is an exclusive supplier of Datamax S-Class ticket printers in the Russian Federation. It is the result of Datamaxs high estimation of our activities in promotion of S-class ticket printers in the Russian market. We are Russias only company with experts who have been trained in technical support and maintenance of S-Class printers which is evidenced by relevant certificates. Datamax ticket printers and spare parts are always available in our stock.

Our partners are leading companies dealing with development and implementation of special software for automation of ticket selling and booking systems. All of them use printers and tickets, supplied by our company, in their projects. If you need any help in choosing an appropriate system solution, you can always get recommendations and contacts of these companies.

We set the goal maintain the leading positions in the market. That is why we constantly track, study and implement all innovative ticket solutions to ensure that out customers are offered solutions that comply with the latest international standards.